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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Will you answer?

Words lie like dirty sheets on the floor, the curtains blocking the light to the inner fight, the hate spreading like wine over a carpet of white. The furniture like the rest of the room is old and damaged, except for the red telephone hanging on the pealing  paper walls. So long have I looked at the phone waiting for it to ring, a way out, an escape out of this dream.

Days have passed since I opened my eyes and till now no one has knocked on the rusted metal door. I remain alone here with my actions, paying off my debt for a day, a life, a night. What lies behind the door I do not know, a portal to reality written on the wall. When will I stand and face this messy place, how long must I wait.

Its been a month now and I am still alone, the phone stopped working days ago. It did not matter, who would I have called? I was the one that was better first, I had success and everything, I did not need them like I needed them before. Gone is the sun now, the shadows it used to cast over these filthy words and stained carpeted floor. If I am to make it I must open that door, I cant stay here much longer, I am going backwards and need them all again. I need the people at the bottom to carry me back to my majestic chair way up in the sky.

The door is heavy. It had been shut for a long time, clouds of swarming dust filled the room as I pulled on it. It cracked and squeaked until finally I could make out something on the other side. It was paradise. I was home. I swung open the door and ran as far as I could until I reached a pool of water and jumped inside.Then I heard it, it was faint at first but soon became clear, standing in the middle of the water was the red telephone ringing away.

I approached with caution lifting the receiver remaining silent. Truth is just like the last time someone hung up and the message was the same. I thought I was to good for other people when I reached the top, truth is I was wrong.

I guess in the end the question is whether that red phone is also ringing for you? Will you answer it or ignore it just like others will eventually start to ignore you.

I choose to say Thank you!


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