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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Ring the Bell for Service...

Bad service is old news on my blog. I have never been a fan of it and lets face it who really is? But,there are some instances when a person can just shake your head in amazement where neither customer nor business is right.

This particular complaint comes from a daddy who I guess was watching his little girl hard at work, you know earning money for college and all, learning to stand on her own two feet. He describes in his complaint the client as a person who was rude and a bit loud towards his little girl, who ended up leaving the establishment because his food was late, his drinks not as frequent as he would like and unfortunately left little girly  to pay the bill.

In all fairness I agree that this customer handled the situation wrong but daddy went even further to say that he hopes this guy sleeps well at night because he had done the biggest injustice to his daughter, making her pay his bill, costing more money than she makes in a day. So his message was clear.

I only wished it stopped there but this is where he shot himself in the foot by saying what no one else had told this customer. He goes on asking if this guy was at all aware that the kitchen was understaffed on that day, a bunch of staff did not show up at work causing the slow service. He made it clear if the client had asked for management the whole incident could have been avoided.

I disagree, reason being when you go to an establishment you expect what you pay for. If that is not available you should be informed about it first thing. Secondly if not informed immediately, the waitress could have gone and spoke to management and asked for help in adressing the situation. The thing is there was no communication between the manager, the client or the staff. In fact customers were expected to be happy with what was given to them.

There is a right way of handling a situation and a wrong way. Maybe walking out and not paying to me is wrong but it depends on the extent of the frustration. In the end it does all come down to service.

Welcome to the real world girly...truth is owners worry first about the cash before they worry about you. Oh and where does the customer fit in; guess that remains a mystery.

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