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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Don't Run

If you run what is it you will find? Is it the dreams you left behind, will nightmares run swiftly by your side, will all that is so right and wrong leave you to find your own way home or will it return to remind you running is like the sky. The clouds come and the clouds go and so does the rain and what might be gone tomorrow can easily return the next day.

The road to run is long, it has rocks and sharp glass to cut your feet, it brings with it no signs of sun, just darkness follows in its path. Here lies loss and pain. Empty graves of darkness lies within the field, a field of broken promises and disgust. The trees stretch their long bony arms pulling at your clothes, trying to hold you back, no one is to leave, no one ever can. It is a door within a forest of weeds and thorns you will never find, a never ending tale.

In the end is it not best to abandon the cause, leave that door alone and look towards the sun. Clouds come and go and so does the rain but if you hope and keep fighting it can return any day and you will be okay. Stay true to yourself and face things as they come no matter how hard it may seem.

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