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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Welcome Home

We all want someone to welcome us home after a long trip away from land and country. It is what we all want, we want to feel welcome, accepted and loved. What we crave most will always be there, on the inside, hidden where no one else can see. It is just who we are, not everyone comes out flags waving saying this is how I really feel. Everyone deals with this emotional roller coaster in their own way, some talk about the past or the present because they know it is a safe place for them to share. Others watch, comparing situation against situation, to them silence is golden but the message it carries is clear. 


There are lots of places to have private conversations on how we feel, places where one can just take in what is being said and use it as a positive rather than a negative. Everything we share with people has meaning, has a need attached to it, a message that needs to be heard. Whether it is shared on your blog, twitter, facebook or pinterest or all the others, what you feel will come across in a certain way. But you know what, it is the people that are willing to share, listen and take in that matters the most. Those are the kind that makes you feel welcome, accepted and loved. 

We all read that post where someone might say how they lost a loved one, how they were bullied in school, sharing those little extra details that makes us learn and understand how they made it through. Some might express it only in a post and say nothing further leaving the mind in thought. Even a poem can boggle your mind and make you think how did this person get here, what feelings brought this on? 

It is good being part of a group that understands you but the realization is just like in real life not all of them will. This is not to say they don't read or take in what you write, they simply choose to stand in the background watching as your story unfolds. But don't let this stop you from supporting them. 

We all want to feel welcome, accepted and loved even if it is expressed on paper. Strangers take notice, strangers see and then something called friendship forms. So in the end I don't just see a post as just what it is, I see it as a door, a opportunity to share, care and support. 

No matter your background or where you come from, everyone deserves to be welcomed home. 


  1. This is lovely J.R, I love your thoughts here. It is certainly something we all crave.

  2. Lovely post J.R. So inspiring and beautiful, I totally agree that everyone deserves to be welcomed home!