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Monday, 27 May 2013

The Help

There are things in this world we ignore because it is better, it feels better to rather deny the existence of such things. Sometimes the easiest would be to say, "It is not my concern." What is our concern then? We drive to work and see cars upon cars stuck in traffic, not to mention the amount of pedestrians and public transport users. What about all those people around you, how many of them concerns you? The answer is easy, not many because if we have to worry about everyone how would we be?

A day that does concern me is the day we visit the drugstore. This is the day that we go and fetch all my medication. I am not afraid to say that I have bipolar disorder and need medicine each day.
 If you are rolling your eyes right now I can understand why because funny enough the first words that always comes up is Crazy in the head.Well here is the thing, I have come to terms with it and it is under complete control due to the help I receive not only physically but also emotionally. I did not mention this to ask  for sympathy or loads of comments on how difficult it must be, I mentioned it cause my visit during month end shocks me. There they are, all the people from the cars, the pedestrians and the public transport users, all waiting for their monthly fix. And it shocks me cause almost every one of them has it these days, the antidepressant, something few knows about because it concerns only you. 

What has the world become? A place where we fight for survival by just keeping it cool, helping to take the edge off? This is happening because of how everything changes so rapidly that most of the time we can't keep up. Companies restructure, implementation of change, work load, customers, our relationships and even those that are looking for work. What happens to them in this economy? They don't have all the luxuries of being treated and having medicine adjusted when it is needed. Most of the time some does not even have access to medicine at all, they get what they can to help.

Yes that is when it concerns me, the moment you realize we all have a need, some have a want and for some it is non negotiable. We are all waiting for more and more passengers to get on the boat, to joins us as we prepare to sail facing weather that is unlikely to ever change.

 In the end it is private and yes it is none of our concern but at least on one day for two minutes stop and think about it, you are not the only one, there are others out there, others that walks life in the light and those who walks it in the dark. 

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  1. First off, thanks for being so candid. Few writers have the guts to just honestly say "this is something about me that many may react oddly too, and I don't want any sympathy. Let me just use it to make a bigger point." It's rare to see such honesty and I just wanted to say that I appreciate that personally.

    Second, I like the parallel you drew between how we are trying to keep ourselves calm through artificial means while businesses frantically fly to try and find some sense of financial security. The global economy is erratic to say the least, but there doesn't seem to be any "medicine" for it. I wonder if this somehow stems from the anxieties we suppress. Anyways, a very thought provoking post.