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Monday, 20 January 2014

Monday Read: ?

Your face was turned away from me, rain was pouring down harder now as you walked away leaving me standing there on my own. For the first time I could not see the emotion in your eyes or read you like the book I understood and knew so well. How did it happen? How did it come to this? The black cloth of lies that hung between us for so long was finally torn leaving the truth unraveling in the wind. I never meant for it to happen but this road, the road i have walked smiling so many times before was beginning to fill with the filth of the rain creating puddles of thick mud. Just like that you disappeared, just like that you were gone and the days that were filled with sunshine became cold and dark.

Names and faces does not matter, I have seen so many staring back at me. Every new mission brought a new identity, every identity programmed with a past, a future, hopes and dreams. The more I do for them, the more I end up not knowing who I am anymore. I fear I will wake up one day and remain a Jake or a Andrew, some box filled with a lie of who I am not. I don't know how you did it, I am not suppose to feel, not suppose to remember but you hacked the program, you brought out a part of the real me. I wish now I could just have told you about who I was and not the fake hired to bring you in. You walked away because I betrayed you, I handed you over to them. I don't know where you are no but I know you wont remember. Once you have the D.O.D device it owns you and not the other way around. Yes I wish this was some film; you talked so much about them; but the truth is this is real. If we don't make the changes to yesterday and tomorrow today will remain the same.

I hope our paths cross again somewhere in time. For now I must begin a new chapter, betray someone else, wake them up and tell them who they really are.

As for you I will never forget or will I ? Will this even make sense when I see it later?

"So is that it?"
"Im afraid so mam," a young man replied dressed in black and white armor. A red dragon filled his chest piece, flying high in an open sky protecting that which lay below.
 "I want you to find him, I don't care what it takes but we cant lose him, reset his D.O.D device if you have to but bring him home," Thena said worried pacing up and down.

To be continued...

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