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Saturday, 18 January 2014

Planning the Holiday...

Here we are, saturday. Woke up this morning with proper filter coffee and foam with a little bit of cinnamon to finish. Yes the sweet things, the little things brings that warm feeling to your heart. The music playing softly in the background adding a bit of flare to the morning and then it hit me, only one week till holiday.

Any moment so long waited for comes in and brings with it the planning and preperation and a sort of underlying excitement. Honestly im not at the jump out of your skin moment yet but im getting there and growing impatient for the time to pass. That, I have had enough moment. Well this time I decided to distract myself with a list, one that i thought up to keep busy. So here it is:

1) Start looking at what you are not going to wear: This helps, this tells me how little I will really need when away. I would advise never to keep the speedo you wore ten years ago, trust me it wont fit and most likely you will end up asking, what happened to me? Burn it or flush it down the toilet. All dependant on size.

2) Start packing: See what needs to be taken with. On a camping trip I suggest starting in the kitchen, no faster way of getting you to clean cupboards and with each trip like lets say to the garage the same procedure applies.

3) Test out the old umbrella: Nothing like a long walk with a beach umbrella around the block to remind you of what lies ahead and to test its durabilty. Sitting on a camping chair does not count.

4) Practice tan angles: U need to look good always so use a mirror if you unsure of what u look like. Also check your costume for any unwanted skin sticking out. Dont flash if you are not using a camera.

5) Swim a few laps: No bummer worse like not being able to on holiday. Inspite of popular belief floaties are not in fashion.

Oh well let me go and stop writing nonsense in preperation for my holiday, did I mention its another thing you can do..just dont talk to yourself please, some might find it creepy.

Awesome weekend!!

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