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Friday, 17 January 2014

Blowing out the candles

Birthday cards bring happy thoughts, the kind that makes you smile and think for a second. It is nice to receive, nice to hear those words that says all is okay or to feel that so many has your back. These are the people that accepts you and stands by you through thick and thin.

In an ideal world the above would be true for some but it is not always the case. How many times do you buy the birthday card and provide the support and all your left with in the end is a fake friend only wanting and acting his or her way through. The best of all is some of us does not give up so easily and we try again and again until we start thinking that the fault lies with us and not with them. So it starts, all the questions about what is the real truth behind it.

Never give up on anyone or so we believe but why should u stick around with someone who does not really believe in you. Why spend time laughing and smiling knowing that behind your back its all one long conversation. The truth is what you do for someone else or let me say try and do for them is real but it goes with notice and then gets ignored.

So i guess the real question is how many birthday cards will it take for you to realise that you are wasting your time. Best advice let go if you can or just act along and pretend for the rest of your life that you are infact important to this person. And that what you say means more than just a smile from them.

In the end i share my cake with those that deserves it, that makes me whole and supports who I am and as for the rest sorry there are only so many invitations...

Dont  lose your chance to do right upon others, you will answer for it in the end and that person might just be listening to all of it.

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