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Thursday, 16 January 2014

The 2014 Challenge

Its a new year. 2013 or at the end of it was surprising and brought forth a new challenge. I like a new challenge as long as i know what it is and how to get through it quickly. The truth is that no challenge is ever that simple, especially those that jump out from nowhere just smiling. Murphy is it? Is that what they call him or her or it?

So here we are in 2014 and we all hope for that good fresh start;it is like wishing you will win millions tomorrow or that all will be just right. Sorry if this is coming from a negative  perspective but sometimes it is and other times it is not. Who has never prayed about life or wished upon a shooting star? At some time we all do and face it nobody is perfect , nobody lands on their feet each day, we all have our down moments.

So what does a person do? Well im no professional but talking about it might help and might not help. Sitting at the drawing board all night might also do the trick and also not. I once believed in smoking and I am glad that I still think about it,  just less. Im in no means promoting drugs or alcohol , i was always the best i n my class; :-)) several years ago.

Truth is 2014 is here and there might already be drama but if you stand together with those friends or family or just ask for help it does make the load a little easier to bare no matter the situation. In the end its about love and how far a person is willing to go for yourself or someone else.

I for one am grateful for this year and even if it is a bumpy one, im spending it with the people i love and care about.  Losing yourself in stress is not.

See u guys tomorrow and care always.

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