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Thursday, 29 August 2013

Broken Heart(s)

The "shop" has been closed for a long time but not to worry the doors are now open and more weird and not so weird writing will be coming your way; now...

An experience I am currently going through with some friends of ours is both shocking and an eye opener. You want to be there to help, to fight, to do more but when I am home having some quiet time I realize there is only so much we can do. Life at times throws us these curve balls, other times it is massive rocks that hit where it hurts the most. It is never a good thing but it is during such a time when you need friends around you to just be there to listen, not to judge or give advice on how to live their lives. 

We all make mistakes, bad mistakes and when we look at ourselves in the mirror after we realize just how wrong and stupid it was of us, especially when you are in a relationship it seems like a monster is staring back. I have learnt not to look back, some people deserve the second chance but others who always have some hold over you and keeps on interfering does not deserve to be near you. Think of yourself and what you want first for your relationship before you think of them. Opinions might be different here but it will hurt me more to know that the person who was part of the pain and confusion in my mind is still hanging around. 

If you really care about someone and you see the relationship and the hard work they are putting into it rather do the noble thing and walk away - don't think that part of your world is still your oyster by saying you care, doing favors and then expecting those supposed good deeds back way before schedule. 

Leaves me thinking, my relationship is so important to me that I would do anything to make sure it stays that way. Yes nothing is perfect and their might be problems but you don't give up. Take that second chance both of you have decided on and walk with it...

From friends to friends :)

So much feelings that thunders from within
lightning strikes my heart and soul
I long for you still in memory and thought
time in our lives together be forever short
Together we can beat this storm
I need you by my side
Remember all that we built and all that we share
to know I love you rainbow or not. 

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