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Monday, 10 June 2013

The work wheel

We all live our lives each day, fighting and working hard, trying to provide a better life for our children, our family, for everyone. So it goes they say, that is what the truth is and the answer above is always the same. Is it true always, applicable to all or not? I have read many posts about how we should do this and how we should do that and everything will be fine if you follow certain steps. To some it is motivation, to others it might  mean something totally different. What more can you possibly say or do. Pictures with nice words, comments of motivation, a simple thank you and the list goes on and on. It is true we do fight and work hard each day for the sake of those we love but I believe we often go through it with our eyes closed. Just like other things in life we choose to ignore and deem it as irrelevant. So for the person on the other side it is bad news, you are wasting your energy and your time by trying to offer something of emotional value to someone else. But the question is to who? I don't know that answer as many won't admit that they are irritated by smiley faces or fed up with those living in their happy land, writing happy things. Some will acknowledge that they appreciate each one but...

Nonsense. You can provide and work but at some point you have to slow down and take some time to look around you, try and take in what others are offering in words, for it is powerful. We need to be more open, we need to sometimes force ourselves because we get stuck in this working hard wheel that just goes round and round and never stop. I am not saying one should not work hard, I am saying take a break. In the end it is not only about the work, it is about how we choose to do it. Read or look at something that touches the heart, spend time with those you love and escape from the end destination for a bit. We all want the success and be able to give but who will take care of your loved ones if you do not take care of yourself? 

Fear is normal, thinking that we won't make it. Saying there is nothing wrong is normal because we would rather hide than face the reality of what we are doing to ourselves. We dismiss words, pictures, time and before we know it the time is up and what have you accomplished? You have worked and worked and worked till the end unable to remember that dream you once had, the inspiration you once withdrew courage and strength  from, having taken all that you deserve away from yourself. 

In the end it remains a choice, one that needs to be made. I can't speak for anyone in saying what you should do, what you should not do or what steps to follow. In the end you will succeed, if one person sees or reads you have already made the difference and who knows you might change an opinion or two. 

Just take one minute, eyes wide open and look, not just see but look around. There is so much more! 


  1. There's an old saying about writers that preaches that we are at work when we are merely staring out at the clouds. Most take this lightheartedly and use this as ammunition against the writer's lifestyle. But truer words were never spoken. After all, we need that time to recuperate. Without recovery, great work couldn't be done consistently.

    -Peter Licari

  2. I completely agree with you J.R. We cannot engross ourselves in our work and ignore the world around us. We do need to take breaks once in a while to look at what we have and enjoy it. Great post. Lots of food for thought. Thank you.