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Sunday, 17 January 2016

The Year Ahead

It has indeed been a long time since my last blog entry...but its a new year with new goals and ambitions so even though its 18 Days overdue, Happy New Year! If your first thought was, we will see how long it lasts, well I am with you on that one lol but I promise to keep the creative juices flowing for as long as I can cause like in the movie Terminator you can count on me always coming back!

This year is going to be exciting so I hope you stay tuned in on the crazyness. I have a new book in the works - the second in The Journey of Secrets series. I am also working on an art project, going to take scrapbooking classes and learn some sewing all thanks to Mom Grace.  Biggest of all we started the adoption process and hoping to have our little one before the end of this year. That is just some of what 2016 holds for me.

If asked what I want to do this year online, well I would like to broaden my horisons and meet as many authors, artists and bloggers as possible. Do a few guest posts here and there, do a few reviews, tweet and retweet, like and share and help anyone else struggling to make a difference due to the lack of support from others. We are all here for each other, in the end its not a competition but more like a network of friends, a place to share your thoughts on pretty much anything worthwhile.

So join my #friendsnetwork and lets do this.

Here is what you can do:

1. Interact with my blog by clicking follow. (the one you are on now)
2. Message me a link to your blog, posts you find interesting or topics you would like me to take a closer look at.
3. Follow me on Twitter and I will #followback.

I do hope we can grow our #friendsnetwork together and enrich lives, brighten days, support and get the word out there.

Looking forward to hearing from you...


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