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Sunday, 1 November 2015

In his garden... *30 October 2015*

Rose petals scattered on the ground
In the morning breeze swirling in a colorful symphony
Of things to remember and things to forget
Who you were and who you will always be to us
A golden memory

Broken you were not meant to be
Swirl and twirl your colors in our life
let the wind restore your power
take you from us and make you whole
To be where you were meant to be

He will take you in His caring hands
Place you in his garden
A special place reserved
No darkness
Only light
A rose unlike any other in love combined

We will always see
We will always remember
Never to forget
Grow in our hearts you always will
Till we meet again in that Garden one day, someday, soon...


  1. JR, This is quite beautiful. I mean it.

    1. It is a very personal piece written to someone very special. Thank you for the compliment xx JR