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Saturday, 6 December 2014

Previously on...

A day filled with such beauty cant be wasted. So its sunday and months since my last post but here I am back with the words and coffee to match. I love this blog, it got me through some not so nice times and helped me celebrate great times.

So what has happened since we last met up? The answer to that is a complex one which would mean a ten page essay on my life since then. How easy would it be if we could have this program that allows us to create a previously on insert filled with dramatic music and action sequences paused just at the right moment. Oh and the voice, that deep voice of the narrator painting the picture of now and then. My narrator would probably be very confused, mental almost trying to keep up.

Life is life, you either make the best of it or you don't. I have always gone on and on about choices and how todays actions can impact tomorrow and I am still on that track. People can say many things, make promises and give false hope but if you are meant to fall on your face in slow motion it will happen.

The important thing is to get back up even if your narrator loses his or her mind and recordings get stuck in one place...confused? Feel me?

Dance to the music, make your previously on worth watching. Its a journey and as long as you know where you going you will get there. Dont lose sight of your dreams, for its those special goals that makes it all worth it.

Well let me get back to my now cold soon.



  1. Enjoy your thoughtful, bold writing. My coffee is still hot, accompanied by a very fresh molasses cookie.

    1. Thank you for the kind words and keep the caffeine flowing :-)