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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

A "nice" dream

A house this once was. It stood like a monument in the woods, broken windows and open doors for the world to see. It had me as we looked around this mystery. Haunting it was to notice the layers of paint and wall paper ripped open on the wall, like creatures it climbed into reality. Somewhere in it's open space I heard it, heard it from the empty kitchen to the room upstairs, the ringing of a bell, one that was meant for someone else. Droplets of red I saw from one room to the next, who had walked here injured or even worse, where did they die? The house seemed to have no end in sight except for the afternoon light fading still. I wanted to leave as something touched me on my shoulder and breathed into my neck, a chill of death overcame me, a wreck I became standing against a wall looking at my husband walking tall. He was happy, he was contempt to take on this house and all it's history. Pulling him over far away from agents ears I asked him to listen as a scream filled the air. I told him it is best to leave this place  but he did not hear, he did not notice the closet doors moving or the little boy standing by the window staring out. I saw the blood dripping on the floor, a fear fulfilled by every tap,tap,tap; cold I was when he walked past me, skull crushed in and face deformed. This was all a nightmare coming true. The door slammed behind us but agent reassured that the wind was to blame and not those that lived here. I pleaded at my husbands side that this house was not for me, it was not for anyone who could see. Footsteps of thunder approached on the outside, stopping with a creak as it reached the door. Slowly it opened and I ran past it, i took my chance, I ran hoping that the outside is what I will see as the afternoon had turned to nearly black. I ran past many faces, some with anger chasing after me, wanting me to be there, to live there. I made it to the door and stepped back slowly. The screams of my husband sounded from somewhere within the house. I waited for hours in the car hoping that he would come but inside me I knew it had him. Locking the doors and driving to get helped I felt it the touch on my shoulder and the breath upon my neck. I turned around to see the deformed and bloody boy staring back at me. I stopped the car and tried to get out, I screamed hoping that someone would come. It had me by the throat with his little blade carving into me...

I woke up covered in sweat, don't watch scary movies before you go to bed!

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